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Cross stitch and more

The cross stitch is a very old manual technique.

Already in the Stone Age people knew how to use this technique. The oldest surviving specimens are estimated to be 500 years old. In the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the noble ladies enjoyed spending time with it. Today, the cross stitch is very popular and easy to learn both among children and adults. To Embroider in the start you need as the Material is a cross stitch template, a needle with a large hole, embroidery thread, a Hoop and a countable Ground (for example, Canvas, Aida, Hardanger fabric, or the like).
Very practical and popular are finished cross stitch packs. In our online shop you will find sticks from well-known manufacturers such as Riolis, Lanarte and Vervaco for every taste and level of difficulty. So you can pursue your Hobby without spending a lot of time in the material disposal. You are looking for a stick pack with a beautiful motif and off you go!
A lot of fun with the selection